Penguin CBD Reveals New Ultra High Potency 5,000mg Strength Oil

Here at Penguin CBD, we always strive to improve and refine our selection of CBD products. That’s because we understand that everybody has their own individual needs, and that having more options makes it easier to create a personalized routine that works best for you.

That’s why today we’re introducing another new addition to our line-up: our 5,000mg strength formula.

So let’s dive right into the details about it!

How strong is it?

It’s our strongest formula yet! Every 1mL serving contains 166.6mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Here’s how that stacks up against our other strengths for comparison:

250mg strength: 8.3mg per 1mL

600mg strength: 20mg per 1mL

1,000mg strength: 33.3mg per 1mL

2,500mg strength: 83.3mg per 1mL

It’s twice as strong as our previous contender, the 2,500mg strength formula. Now that’s potent!

What size is the bottle?

The 5,000mg strength comes in a 30mL bottle.

Does it come in the same flavors?

Yup! Our 5,000mg strength can be bought in all of the same fan-favorite flavors as our other strengths. That includes mint, citrus, natural, strawberry, and cookies & cream.

Can I buy it now?

You most certainly can! Just head on over to our CBD oil page, select the 5,000mg option while placing your order, and get ready to experience high-potency CBD bliss.